Voice Lessons

Did you ever want to

Extend your vocal reach of your voice? (Range)

Control how loud or softly you can sing? (Dynamics)

Explore the beauty of your voice ? (Color)

Express your emotions and thoughts in the most efficient way? (Presentation)


Vocal technique is what enables us to do all that. It is the tool that helps us express ourselves best through our sound.


I’m a Soprano singer, performer and voice teacher for many years. I have a deep understanding and knowledge as to how our body enables the best sound. I’m inviting you to explore your voice, its beauty and its strengths.


I believe singing must be taught with a smile and with pleasure. The key for  success is in the empowering connection between teacher and student which creates the “safe bubble”: A fun and safe environment in which the student can explore his/her’s abilities with no fear, and extend them.


I have been studying music with the best teachers of opera in some of the most prestigious colleges and master classes of the world. I worked with some of today’s greatest classical musicians: singers, conductors and instrumentalists. Through my work I developed my technique that derives from “bell-canto” and goes into physical precision which is crucial for every style of singing.



I accept private students  at my studio in Ramat Aviv

(near TLV university)

Teach BA students at the Ono academic college, and youth at the Ramat Aviv music center

"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing"  William James


Doriel Ifargan

I improved in so many ways!

Presentation, standing on stage, SINGING- everything!!!

And its all thanks to you!

Watch them Sing!!!

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