An unforgettable experience 

Music has the ability to open up our hearts, transport us to far away places and bring tears of longing or joy to our eyes.

Irit Stark’s exquisite interpretations and choice of repertoire create experiences that will bring joy to your heart.

The following performances that have already touched audiences worldwide, offer a combination of fantastic music, with a selection of intriguing themes. Covering a variety of cultural subjects from history and psychology, to musical figures and more, the concerts offer a truly unique experience.

The recitals have been performed in a number of concert-halls and festivals, as well as international conferences and private events. These smaller events enable a more intimate form of communication between performer and audience, and dialogue on a personal, eye-to-eye level.


FlamencOpera Fusion

A romantic and passionate musical event

This amorous, exotic encounter between the beautiful and voluptuous operatic voice and the passionate flamenco music,

leaves it's listeners craving for more.

A warm and loving performance, an experience that will forever be cherished

"Irit Stark's exquisite performance was absolutely breathtaking. This was such a great experience, very warm and intimate 

Listening to Irit’s singing you can not remain calm , in a moment she takes you away to an emotional state of mind.

It was a powerful radiant Performance! that kept you on your toes, kept you wanting more and more"  Alla Grienstein, Director of musical committee of IWC following Flamenco Opera performance at the German ambassador's residence

“It was an outstanding success both musically and humanly, having fantastic artists so attentive to each other and showing lovely interaction with the audience.
viewing such great musical sensitivity was a delight.
The warmth of Irit's voice showing surprising range of dynamics and colors...

...It was abundantly clear from our audience's enthusiastic reaction, that they were carried away with enthusiasm and would have loved to hear this again.
This was a unique and splendid experience!” 
Hanna Tzur
Musical director of Abu Gosh Festival. Following Flamenco Opera performance at the festival

The history behind this program:

Through generations the people of Andalucia used flamenco to express their anguish and their joy.

On the other side of Europe, the scholars in the Florence Academy came up with the enginius idea of creating Opera -

A larger than life experience that will express those emotions.

Both aims to express the human feelings to their fullness.

This is the base on which this show is built.


This is the first time a classical singer performs the authentic "Letras" of pure flamenco with their typical expressions and their unique rhythms

New in 2021

During Covid period we dived into another culture - French. With 3 new exciting shows

A new collection of performance in cooperation with top lecturers (Dr. Maya Guez, Dr. Orit Wolf)

related to french culture, french Chanson and french composers.

Presnting the turbulent life of Edith Piaf (Piaf!)

the glam and mystery of the light city (a night of Opera in Paris)

and the secrets behind the elusive charm of the french melodies (French magic)


Beyn Broshim

A loving, gentle, evening songs recital

The magic of evening time: the soft farewell from a day's labor and the preparation for night's oblivion.

In every home in every land and cultures gentle hands are caressing innocent faces and beautiful tunes are being sang by loving voices.

In this recital, the most beautiful songs that have been adorning those intimate hours were collected by a loving hand, 

A fantastic collage of wonderful musical styles: 

the best that every culture has to offer:

Lied; the German artistic songs with their perfect match between text and music.

Shir; Israeli Lyrical melodies composed by immigrants weaving the sounds of their old homes with those of their new homeland.

Canción; Ladino, Flamenco and Spanish songs with their magical mixture of jewish, arabic and gypsy sounds.

Chanson: The lyrical beauty and enchanting melody of the french songs.

All of those are present here, in the warm embracing sound of Irit's voice, weaving the beauty of the evening time with that of the female voice.

Recreating the magic of our childhood fantasy and awakening the child in the listener's heart.

The childish smile have been smeared on the listener's faces through the whole event: proving that love may be called by different names in different languages, but essentially will always mean the same.


Killer Diva

The murderous women of the Opera world

We all heard: “it aint over till the fat lady sing!”

That is because usually she will sing a long heartbreaking aria before she dies of a disease led to by a broken heart, circumstances led to by a broken heart or simply by a broken heart.

But not all!

Just a few of the leading sopranos take it the other way.

They are a murderous creatures: by character, circumstances

or desire.

They are a strange creature in the world of opera that usually portrays the women as a perfect, beautiful and lovable creature.

Some are pure evil, like Lady Macbeth, other are educated in such a way that leaves them with no moral compass like Salome, another is Turandot who led hundreds of suiters to their gruesome death haunted by the memory of her ancestor's horrific rape. and of course the heroic and powerful Tosca that kills her attacker

We shall follow them, try to understand their motivation, and psychology as portrayed by the composer in the music he wrote for them. And of course be amazed by the power and beauty of the arias they sing.



Maldita Luna - Gil Shohat & Pablo Rosenberg

Jerusalem Theater


Maldita Luna - Gil Shohat & Pablo Rosenberg

Zucker Hall - The Philharmony Tel Aviv


FlamencoOpera Fusion

The German Ambassador's Residence, Herzelya


Maldita Luna - Gil Shohat & Pablo Rosenberg

Or Akiva Culture Hall


FlamencoOpera Fusion

Beit Yitzhak Summer Outdoor Festival


Habama Orchestra - Beethoven Fidelio 

Tel Aviv Museum of arts


FlamencoOpera Caspi to Sosa

Beit Yitzhak Summer Outdoor Festival


Homage to the Chanson

Hashachmat center Ramat Aviv


Homage to the Chanson

Kiryat Tivon


Homage to the Chanson

Talkhouse Tel Aviv Port

Homage to the Chanson

Golda Culture hall Petach Tikva


Shapira center Peach Tikva


Homage to the Chanson

Bnei Brith


Spanish Charm - Raanana Orchestra and Orit Wolf

Kfar Yona


11 nov 2018